Acquaint With Me

I’m Anjali- an adventurer for life, be it in the kitchen or my travels. I belong to the era when cuisines were not so explored, so enriched or celebrated the way they are now. I’m a Punjabi, so food is an emotion. And this emotion led me to begin my exploration of different cuisines- the how, why and where of them. Being in the Clinical Research Industry, I get to travel to various destinations around the world, my love for the Indian cuisine (and the numerous ones in it) remains paragon.

The process of discovery became more extrusive when I got married, to a man for whom food is sacrosanct, whether at home or in a restaurant. I have concentrated on cooking all his meals at home in the recent years, and therefore have acquired a flair for creation. With subtle tweaks and twists, I attempt to produce recipes as close as possible to the authentic, enriched with the perpetual learning and discovering.

This is an assemblage of my creations. None of the recipes are too difficult, and are sure to make you and those around you a happy bunch! So try them, and share your opinion.

Click on the Reach Out page and get in touch! Happy Cooking!

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